December 31, 2011 (this day)

The view from the hospital window.

It has all been so very complicated, simple, and unrelenting.

Carole is recovering, at home now.  My mother is here to help.  My daughter is here to visit and help.  My son pops in to eat.  Carole’s niece came through on a visit to friends.

I’ve been back to work.  End of the year craziness has my work partner threatening to retire.  It’s been a hard year at work, ending with lay offs.  As 2012 begins, we will have to take care of the things that those who are laid off used to take care of.  Already that is unmanageable.

My home group’s meeting is falling on New Year’s Eve tonight, like it did on Christmas Eve last week.  Every year, Carole and I have a party after the meeting on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s. This year we debated a little bit (she wanted New Year’s, I wanted Christmas) until it became apparent we would have to party, we would tend to her knee.

Still the meeting will be a bit festive in the way our meeting is.  That is, unrehearsed and pretty much unprepared.  Someone offered to chair and bring food.  Someone is celebrating an anniversary.  I will start the coffee and put the soda in the fridge on my way to get Carole’s medicine, then come back and hopefully get her over there for the meeting.

I’ll thank God that whatever I did in 2011 enabled me to take care of these things at the end, and I can go into 2012 (the year, if I’m lucky, I’ll turn 50!) with hope.

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