Why Did You Get Sober?

I thought about this in a new way last week at my meeting.  I did not try to stay sober outside of AA.  Any time I was trying to stay sober, I went to AA.  When I wasn’t going to AA, I was trying to drink successfully, not to stay sober.

I got sober because I couldn’t drink successfully.  That’s what I really wanted to do, and tried to do, for years.  I am blessed and lucky that one day, before it killed me, I gave up trying to do it successfully, admitted that I couldn’t, and went back to AA.

I got sober because my choices truly were sobriety, death, or institution.  I chose sobriety.

One thought on “Why Did You Get Sober?

  1. I got sober because my life was screwed up but I’ve stayed sober because I realized I am powerless over alcohol and I found a serious solution in the 12 steps that works. Thanks for the topic. I’ve been thinking a lot about this since I have my 3 year anniversary coming up on January 2nd. The severity and sadness of what it was like seem more clear and depressing than ever. I look back and cannot believe I made it. Total evidence of a power greater than myself.

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