December 24, 2011 (this day)

I was looking at the subtitle of my blog, “how to become and oldtimer in AA.”  How?

One way is by treating pain killers with extreme, extreme caution.  They really scare me.  I’m sure that many of the people I know who went out or died because of pain killers, started with actual pain.

Carole is home from the hospital and in a lot of pain.  Our house has a very terrible lay out for anyone with a mobility issue.  The hospital stay was difficult and sometimes scary.  It’s Christmas Eve, so health care services aren’t what they usually would be on a Friday.

But my daughter’s here, helping, and she’ll stay with Carole while I go to a meeting later.  In the hospital, I read several of the stories from the first edition of the Big Book to Carole.  When it’s all over, her new knee should be better than the old one.  It’s not snowing, and my mother is coming to help us tomorrow.  The kids are cooking tomorrow, and there is a pile of presents waiting for tomorrow.

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