The Considerations are Equally True (Step Twelve continued)

The considerations are equally true and important for A.A.’s who marry “outside” A.A.  With clear understanding and right, grown-up attitudes, very happy results do follow.

Trying to think of couples I know who fall into this category.  I don’t know many.

Carole and were reading stories from the first edition of the Big Book yesterday, in the hospital.  It always strikes me how the marriages so often endured back then, a much different time than this one we are living in.  But also reading Elizabeth Cady Stanton, I know that it wasn’t long before the people of the first stories when women had a terrible time divorcing, and often weren’t allowed to.

I’m left just imagining that someone who is not in AA, who marries someone who is in AA, must be up against a huge thing they can never completely understand.

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