December 20, 2011 (this day)

I’m in the hospital waiting room, waiting to hear that Carole’s knee replacement is done.  I’ve worked on a report for work while I’ve waited, I’ve read internet message boards, talked to Erika and Carole’s sister, and read from two huge books (Big Book edition #1 and the Bible) stored on a tiny Kindle.  Meanwhile I’ve waited for a report on my cell phone, and checked the surgery display board to track her progress.

This is all amazing to me.  Almost as amazing as the fact that she’ll have an artificial knee.

Erika is at home with the animals.  The puppy sitter walked the dog, and I should be home in enough time to help Erika feed the zoo.  When I come back to the hospital, I’ll give Carole her cell phone and know she can call me later if she needs me.

How could I fail to be grateful in all of this?  I couldn’t fail to.  I am grateful.

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