December 11, 2011 (this day)

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again.  Last week went by in a total haze.  I was sick.  Really really sick with a cold.  I think it’s been a few years since I’ve been sick.  And this one went with post nasal drip that made me cough.  I’m still coughing.  But today I feel for the first time like I turned the corner on it.

Usually, I’m able to take off from work when I need to.  Or should I say often I’m able to.  This week I wasn’t.  There were lots of things coming together that made for a difficult week at work.  We had our annual open house on Friday, where we sell crafts the clients have made and use the money to pay for the Christmas party, which will be this coming Friday.  Tons of preparation goes into that, along with the actual event, while the regular work piles up.

Monday, a few short hours from now, my work will also upgrade the computer system.  I expect weeks of chaos and lots of extra work to follow that.  We also had a sticky situation where someone in the company who doesn’t work directly with us was being rather unkind.  This caused interviews and discussions and all kinds of things.

And coming up I have the Christmas party, Carole’s surgery, my daughter and her cats to visit, and Christmas.  My mother is coming around Christmas to stay and help with Carole’s recovery so my mind is much much at ease.  I couldn’t imagine how I would handle it all without that, though of course I knew I would handle it, one day at a time.

I went to my meeting last night but didn’t go out after it.  It was the only meeting I went to for that week.  I’m really OK with that.  I feel fine about it, I feel the same, and if I didn’t, I would have dragged myself to more meetings.  At 27 years sober, this is how it works for me today.

Now I’ve painted my nails and cleaned one litter box.  I’m going to try and ease into this week like I am totally fine.  I can’t believe a cold hit me so hard.  My chest still feels kind of awful but I’m not coughing as much, and last night my head didn’t fill as badly as it has every other night.  Yes, I’m better, or at least acting as if.

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