What Do You Do To Stay Sober?

  • write this blog
  • go to, at the very least, one meeting a week, usually more
  • actively engage with the Steps
  • pray and meditate
  • read recovery books and blogs
  • share at meetings, over the phone, in writing and in person
  • service (mostly taking lots of turns running my group’s meetings)

For this month and this day, I will also say I practice gratitude.

Someone at work shared this shocking truism with me:  The only difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the pessimist is better informed.

This is not clever!  This is not true!  The optimist is practicing gratitude, noticing, thinking about, enjoying, appreciating what is good, and right.  The pessimist is doing the opposite.

I am extremely grateful that the program I follow makes me cultivate gratitude as a habit, a way of thinking that has become part of my being.  I need to do this to stay sober.  I need to stay sober to live.  And I’m grateful.

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