November 3, 2011 (this day)

This day was nicely average, so I will describe it.

I didn’t sleep well last night, which happens to me frequently.  I am an insomniac.  But yesterday I had slept later than usual, so I tried not to let it bother me.  My alarm goes off at 5:15 and I get up at 5:30.  I get ready for work, wake Carole, then I walk the dog.  These days it is pitch black out when I go, but not yet too cold.  I have a regular walk I take her on which involves several circles and laps, and several flights of stairs.  The place where I live is very hilly, and many streets have stairs.  The walk is longer than it ever has been before, because I add a tiny bit every month.  It probably takes me 20 minutes at this point.  This I do because I believe that the dog needs the exercise and stimulation before we leave her to go to work.  We do have someone come in mid day to walk her again.  My walk involves these laps and such because a few years ago, I was attacked while I was walking a different dog, and that dog was killed.  Everything I do now with walking the dog is based on fear, plus the compulsion to walk her, because I truly believe she needs to be walked, and that is it most likely safe to do it.

After that Carole and I read from a recovery book.  Then I drove to work.  My job is 23 miles away, I go from my suburb through a medium-sized city to another suburb.  It usually takes 30-40 minutes at that hour, more if I leave later.  I get to work around 7:30.

I work at a day program for adults who have developmental disabilities.  Along with one work partner, I supervise the program and also write and review programs for a case load of clients.  I have been at the same place since I moved here, 14 years ago, with the same people (or those who have stayed), though I have been promoted.  It is a non-profit social service, and it doesn’t pay much in terms of earthly money.  I do hope I am storing treasure in heaven.  But even if I’m not, I really love what I do and I would do it even if I didn’t need to work.  Though it certainly has very trying times.

Lots of my day-to-day angst comes from work and from trying to manage people.  Employees, usually, not the clients.  Managing people is not something I ever wanted to do, but it needed to be done, so there I am.  I don’t have a lunch or any breaks, really, though I can try to take a few minutes to do something non work related, though someone will almost always need me and back to work I go.

I left work today after 4.  Some days I can leave earlier, and if I need to leave earlier for some reason, I pretty much always can.  I just need to find someone to cover for me.  The reverse commute takes a lot longer in the afternoon because of traffic and construction.  In a few weeks, the roads around should be very beautiful, because it seems they are fixing each and every one of them.  : – /

My dog always greets me with giant explosions of barking.  Carole was home before me today.  She isn’t always.  I talked her in to working on Nanowrimo while the home-made pizza she had made cooked.  Then she ate it in front of the TV news, which I try not to watch, and I ate it while I looked at Facebook.  I see that many of friends are upset with the hypocrisy of heterosexual marriages like the famous one that broke up after 72 days, while long-term couples like Carole and I are denied the right to marry.  I like my Facebook friends.


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