October 20, 2011 (this day)

Today I went to the home of one of my clients.  She lives in a town that was once dominated by a single industry.  I got a bit lost, which is customary for me, but since I was early, which is also customary for me, I let the GPS guide me in a back way I had never gone before.  I go to this town only once or twice a year.

I won’t be able to describe it well, and I’m not going back any time soon to take pictures, but I got a very awesome view of the old town and old industry that took my breath away.  I love views like that.  I saw acres of huge old building that had once housed this booming industry.  The buildings weren’t falling down or looking bad, as can happen in many places once the main employer is gone.  But they did look “repurposed.”  That’s OK with me.  I’m glad they have a new purpose.  I think it would have been very cool to have seen it when it was bustling, but I’ll try just as hard to appreciate this time, when the bustle is gone, because this is the time I have been given to be there.  I did try to imagine it, as I looked to try and see where old trolley tracks curved around the bend.  Maybe as soon as I post this, I’ll see if I can find some old pictures online.

The client I visited is very dear to me.  She has fragile health and has had many health scares and near-death experiences over the years.  She’s just back from the hospital and she won’t come back to the program where I work until she’s healthy enough.  Every time I see her under these circumstances I think that it may be the last time I see her.  Eventually, that will be true.

Tomorrow Carole and I are off to visit our daughter, and I’ll be leaving my menagerie with someone who has walked the dog, on occasion, but hasn’t pet-sit on such a long-term scale before.  I am resolutely trying to work the program on the anxiety I feel when leaving my critters, especially my dog.  I AM looking forward to being away, and I DO need to visit my daughter (for goodness sake).  I even WANT to visit my daughter, which is a very good thing indeed.

Carole and I are having lunch with Erika and two of her friends, one of which has never met a gay person.  Um, yes she has!  But I guess if she didn’t know it, it doesn’t count.  I told Erika that meeting us would surely be anti-climatic for her, but Erika said that she thinks we are as good a representation of a gay couple as any.  And that is truly worth leaving the animals for.


4 thoughts on “October 20, 2011 (this day)

  1. I wish I could “like” this post, as we can on Facebook. These are things and ways of you being that keep me loving you. And I do.

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