October 17, 2011 (this day)

The picture recalls the cabin in the wood of a little over a week ago.  It was really perfect weather, cool enough at night for a fire, and cool enough during the day for me not to over heat when hiking around the forest.

Today is Monday, and I’m working at home, trying mostly to write a quality assurance report while my new car gets inspected.  I love, love, love my job, and I don’t even mind these report writing thingies, and it’s great to be able to stay home to do it while my dog barks at the neighbor dogs and my kittens try to climb on me.  The weather is perfect again, after lots of rain.  It’s very windy and leaves are flying but lots are still up.

In my sobriety life, someone who belongs to/used to belong to my home group went out and came back.  From what I’ve seen and also what I’ve heard, he comes to meetings high and talks and talks and talks and talks.  The debate goes on about what to do when someone does this at meetings.  Some people think the high/drunk talkers should be silenced, some don’t.  Some take it into their own hands to silence the talker and they seem to get ire from all directions.

That’s what’s mostly caught my attention with this current sad situation and the controversy.  Some people get so incredibly worked about a person trying to silence someone else.  The drunk/high talkers are one problem.  The people who try to silence them are another problem.  And the people who get upset with the people who talk and the people who try to silence the people who talk are another.

And here I sit, judging them all.


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