October 10, 2011 (this day)

I was back to work today after having driven back from the woods with Carole and the dog yesterday.  Our weather is still very very nice but of course changing even as I write.

Work is very hectic and that will continue for a while.  We need to hire a few people, so in addition to needing people, we have to do interviews, make phone calls, all that mundane stuff.  It’s quite a shame, I’m just saying, that people who have several DUIs cannot work in my field, no matter how long they’ve been sober.  The only reason I don’t have DUIs is because I was never caught, and never caused an accident.  Rather I have not been caught nor have I caused an accident yet.  I’m lucky.  Others are not so lucky.

In concentrating on letting go of the character defect anxiety, I asked Carole to handle the arrangements for our pets when we go visit our daughter over two nights later this month.  We were too slow to ask our regular pet sitters, but someone who works with them and who has walked the beast will do it.  And I will let it go.  Any minute now.

I’m now on to concentrating on letting go of apathy and indifference.  Quite another kettle of fish.

My mother tells me that my son has new foster kittens, though this is news to me.  Last I heard he was taking a break between foster kitten assignment, but maybe the shelter knows a live one when they see it.  Of course I hope that pictures will follow.


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