Nearly Every Sound Human Being (Step Twelve continued)

Nearly every sound human being experiences, at some time in life, a compelling desire to find a mate of the opposite sex with whom the fullest possible union can be made–spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.  This mighty urge if the root of great human accomplishments, a creative energy that deeply influences our lives.  God fashioned us that way.  So our question will be this:  How, by ignorance, compulsion, and self-will, do we misuse this gift for our own destruction?  We A.A.’s cannot pretend to offer full answers to age-old perplexities, but our own experience does provide certain answers that work for us.

I’m looking forward to reading about those certain answers.  Not that I’m not a success in this way, today.

Carole and I just back from a cabin in the woods.  My first time at a cabin in the woods.  This wasn’t rough, at all, and it had hot running water and electricity, a DVD player but no cell phone reception.  We took the dog with us, so that was one of my major going-away worries eliminated.  Though I did worry about the dog, even though she was with us.

I’m glad I still want to do these things with Carole and I can’t imagine a time when I won’t want to.  We met in sobriety, so much of what the program has to say about marriage before and after sobriety doesn’t apply to us.

Looking at the paragraph above, I really hope we don’t misuse the gift of partnership for our own destruction.  Ever.


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