Search Terms That Brought You Here

I’m completely uninspired, so on to the search terms.

Alcoholics Anonymous Discussion Topics:  That’s still the number one reason people end up here.  I can’t even remember why I started that list, but I’m glad it helps people out.  I always listen for “new” topics and add them as I find them.  Last week, my home group did a “topic bag” discussion where you pull a topic out of a bag and talk on that.  Most of the people there don’t realize the topics mostly come from here.

NA Topics for Discussion:  I hope they work just as well there.

List of Character Defects Alcoholics Have:  Another big reason people end up here.  I hope my list is helpful.  It is not official in any sense of the word.  When I’m having a particularly hard time, sometimes, I try to refine it a bit.  And I always try to think about these things and how they apply to me.

if you love someone, you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost. you will always believe in him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your ground in defending him:  Yikes!  I had to put this into Google to try and see why exactly that phrase would lead someone here.  It’s because of the translation of Corinthians 13 from The Living Bible that I posted without comment.  I think now I should have commented.  Taken at just that phrase, to this I would have to say no, no, no!  I don’t think that “love” demands loyalty “no matter what.”  I don’t think that love demands unearned defense.  Oy.

HALT:  This gets a lot of traffic as well.  It’s not an AA slogan that I’ve ever really liked much.  Maybe because I am seldom, if ever, hungry.  I guess it’s a good thing to keep in mind in early sobriety, not to get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  But it’s hard to maintain perfect comfort all the time.  We can get uncomfortable, sometimes extremely uncomfortable, and stay sober.

Sample goals for overcoming character defects:  Oh, I wish I had some of those!  Right now I’m trying (blah blah blah) to write down my triggers when I’m suffering from “an excess of negative emotion” and go back later, with a calmer outlook, to see where my acceptance is lacking.

Smashing the idea of drinking big book:  Yes, please don’t drink the Big Book!  I wonder now if the Big Book uses the word “smashing” and, if I remember, I will research that on my Kindle later.  I don’t like violence, but for some thick-headed types, like me, the idea of drinking needs to be smashed.  Violently.

AA is a cult:  No, it’s not.

Being late character defect:  Being late IS a character defect.

I don’t like some people in an AA meeting:  And they don’t like you, either!  Really, I don’t need to like everyone in AA.  I do need to remember their right to be at the meeting, to appreciate the fact that they are sober (if they are), and to think about what’s wrong with me that I don’t like them.

My wife is self righteous:  My wife has the same problem!

Horrible topics in AA meetings:  Linked to my blog : – X


2 thoughts on “Search Terms That Brought You Here

  1. I think I got here from character defects. Big Book says to smash all reservations that we can drink normally. Not to put aside, but to smash. Or obliterate and not leave any wiggle room. Thanks for your blog. I am almost nine months sober and have appreciated your wisdom and insight. I particularly appreciate your Tradition posts. Thank you.

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