September 29, 2011 (this day)

I’m sitting outside on my back porch because this threatens to be the last day I can do this for a while.  The weather forecast is calling for very cool, actually cold weather for the next few days.  Right now it is perfect.  It’s not hot or cold, it’s sunny but the sun doesn’t burn.  The leaves are mostly still on the trees but when a breeze blows some flutter down.  Very nice.

I’ve been very busy at work this week and next week won’t be better.  I went to a thrift shop to buy metal silverware for my work place to use instead of plastic.  The amount of Styrofoam and plastic we use and throw out amazes me.  My meeting uses real cups and in five or six years, if we’ve only saved 20 cups a meeting, that a lot of cups.

At work today someone was telling us about a trip she’s about to take with her husband, someone else we work with, who is afraid to fly.   I was telling her about the things I did to successfully fly to Hawaii (and back!) over a year ago now, and I’m still very grateful.  I made it fairly calmly, and without drugs, because of the program.

The picture is one I took of my Big Book on my lap while I was waiting (and waiting and waiting) for Carole to get coffee on the way to a meeting the other day.

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