September 15, 2011 (this day)

It’s our first day of fall-like weather and the stink bugs have not yet made an appearance.  I went to work today before the dentist because, in some of the work badness, there is a staff shortage, and I went to help out.  Otherwise I would have taken the day off for the dentist.  I feel completely wrecked after the dentist, and all I had was a cleaning.  I go every three months now, in an effort to keep my teeth, and I’m grateful that the dentist is here and that I can afford to her pay her, but I really hate going to the dentist.

At home, after I walked the dog and before I went to the dentist, I called a few people, looking for someone to “lead” the meeting on Saturday by telling their story and leading a discussion.  It’s interesting to me, looking for someone not readily available in real life.  Actually I had gone to a meeting Tuesday night hoping to find someone, and the one person I asked couldn’t do it this week.  The meeting I went to was too male, I decided.  But anyway I keep numbers in my phone the way I used to have a book.  I vaguely remember the first little address books I kept in order to have AA numbers ready.  In those days, I didn’t call to find leads but to establish connections and avoid drinking.  I guess that’s one more thing that’s different now, people keep numbers in their phones and not in a book.  What will it be 30 years from now?  I can’t imagine.

The second call I made was successful, so there will be a leader this Saturday night.  Sometimes when our small number of home group members strike out, and we have no lead, we do something called a “topic bag” wherein each person chooses, in turn, a topic from a bag and speaks on it.  There’s no chance to know what your topic will be and so, the thought is, no time to rehearse what you will say, and so you will listen better.  I know I do.  Some people really hate that format.

My son had his foster kittens over last night, and that is a picture of one.  They are so tiny, whereas my own new babies are six months old now, and huge by comparison.  They grow so very quickly.  My son said he won’t have any problem handing these over to the shelter for adoption in a few more weeks, and that he’s going to foster again, though he’ll take a break in between.

One thought on “September 15, 2011 (this day)

  1. I like the “topic bag” approach. The meeting that I attend, every Monday evening has recently changed it’s format. They have gone from an “open style” meeting with the chair person choosing the topic to a Grapevine meeting. The chair reads a story from the current Grapevine magazine, (September 2011), Dealing With Loss. I’m not sure that I’m liking this meeting as much as I used to. I know it’s not up to me, but it’s got me thinking, I want to change my meeting days. Still new in the program, I have only 2-yrs sobriety, and am without transportation, so I’m regretfully relying on my sister to drive me. My sister has been my greatest supporter and is also not even a drinker in the smallest sense of the word. I know that I’m beginning to ramble and so with that, I’ll give it to God and see what he chooses. Keep the blogs coming!
    Phillip / Temple, TX

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