Using the Telephone

I kind of hate it.  And cell phones have made it worse.  I don’t like talking on them.  It’s awkward when you talk at the same time, and cut out, and try to come back, and talk at the same time again.

This particular tool has changed so much since I first started in AA.  Back then, to call someone, you had to pick up a phone, attached to a building, and dial.  Then, if they were home, they would answer, and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t.  Or their spouse or child might answer.  You didn’t know who would answer, and they didn’t know who was calling.  And you had to leave a message with a person, if one answered.  And you had to hope the person you were calling got the message, because they might not.

My first sponsor had me do the excellent exercise of calling someone else in the program every day, besides her.  No I’ll amend that to talking on the phone to someone, because I had to keep going until someone answered and talked to me.  I really hated that but it set me up for success later.

Now …. there’s email and texting and probably other things I don’t know about.  And the cell phones can be so intrusive.  You never know, when you call, where the person you’re calling is, or what they might be in the middle of.  I try not to answer if I can’t talk right then, though I’ll check a message from someone in the program to see if they need help.

Oy.  It was an excellent exercise, and really, for me, a test of what lengths I would go to.

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