August 26-27, 2011 (this day)

I’m in a funk with writing.  I’m uninspired by “unfinished amends” and “unmanagability,” though Carole said she would write a guest post about unmanagability.  We’ll see.  I know that the unmanagability of sobriety is nothing, nothing compared to the unmagaability of drinking.  My life was unmanagable then to the point that it was in serious jeopardy, caused by me.  I have not done that to myself in sobriety.  I don’t know about unfinished amends.  I suppose I will never have apologized for all I should apologize for, and I never will have changed everything I should change.
Our weather is finally a big cooler.  It’s really very nice.  Warm enough to have the windows open and not too hot.  I’m looking forward to the rhythm of the fall and “settling in” with the growing kittens.  My daughter starts the second year of her master’s, having made it through the first.  I worry about her cat, her car, and her snow, but I try not to worry too much.  It also stresses me to think of leaving the animals to go visit her, and of her bringing her animals to come visit us.  This is something I actively work on getting over, though, because I want the animals, and I want the visits, and I’m not being unreasonable with any of the people or animals.  I’m blessed, really blessed, to have pet sitters who are wonderful, and who I can pay.
My son moved out of what used to be his student housing into a place closer to his work.  He has two tiny adorable foster kittens and it just amuses me so much that he’s doing this, allergies be damned.  It is so much better for those babies to be in a house than in the shelter, plus he takes on the expense of feeding and littering them and the shelter can take in more.
And across the street, Phyllis’ family is having a yard sale, selling some of her things (among others).
I think that in order to get over the writing funk, I’m going to have to “just do it.”

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