Turning it Over

Recently I read something that said, sort of, that “turning it over” is working steps four through twelve.  I really need to think about that more deeply.

Usually what I mean by “turning it over” is that I’ll stop trying to influence an outcome, maybe by arguing a point or presenting more evidence.  Or that I’ll mentally try to stop rebelling against some awful truth that I can’t accept.

But I really like this new definition much better.  My will and my life are not momentary, specific things.  My will is constant and so is my life.  I guess I try to live in accordance with what I think a higher power wants.  Many good habits are deeply ingrained in me (and many bad ones as well).  And the “work” I do on myself as I strive to get better goes on purposefully and also unconsciously.

But that all seems so nebulous.  Inventory, amends, prayer and good works – maybe it is the doing of these things that is the act of turning it over.


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