July 22, 2011 (this day)

I’ve got unrest going in several areas, and people pleasing is my character defect du jour.  It resonates, yet a quick look at google didn’t really show me anything that seems to apply.  Maybe I mean it differently.
There are people at work who I have to say no to, who I have to tell that they are doing the wrong thing.  I hate this!  I didn’t seek to supervise, and I don’t enjoy it, but I did it finally because it seemed the only way.  There are vulnerable people who depend on my supervision of those who have power over them.  It needs to be done, and in many cases if I don’t do it, no one will.
Carole is going away with her sister and niece.  I’m looking forward to the time on my own, especially, I hate to say, because the ancient critters are gone and the care and feeding of the healthy youngsters is so much more enjoyable.  Her sister and niece are staying with us before they all fly away.  Everyone is very nice but it’s a lot of people in the house and non stop activity.
I want to get together with two friends while she’s gone.  One is quitting smoking, and being difficult.  The other has cancer.
The weather is hellaciously hot.  I have air conditioners blocking the windows and drowning all the sounds of outside.
My daughter’s cat is ill, and he has a sore that won’t heal.  It’s very rough on her to have him scratch all the time.  I’ve paid her vet bill and talked to her about it and tried to offer what support I can, but it’s hard to see her suffer and to think about the cat.  She and my son are just back from visiting their elderly grandparents, and that sounded mostly grim, though at 96 and 98 I don’t know what else it could be.  Every time they say goodbye it could likely be the last time.  I’m grateful I have kids who were willing to go through the trouble and expense to visit them.
I’m still trying to understand this in terms of people pleasing.  The stuff with my co workers I get.  The ones who are pleasant and reasonable and easy to approach are so much nicer to work with than ……. the rest of them.  I will take this and try to remember to display these qualities my own self.

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