July 14, 2011 (this day)

I have to consult a calendar to see what day it is.  That’s the kind of day I’m having.  Carole and I in an east coast beach town, visiting two other AA folks who are here for the week.  This is my second vacation this summer, a true and difficult stretch for me!  We’re only here for two nights – last night and this night.  Tomorrow we’ll be home.

It’s a long drive for a short stay.  The young people we are visiting are the reason, for me anyway, that it’s worth it.  Yesterday after all the driving, we met them and their two young daughters on the beach.  The water is nothing like the water in Hawaii, of course, but I do love to swim and it was great, seeing the kids learn.  Last night we went to an AA meeting with them.  So like “our” meetings, and so different.  And so amazing that for us, wherever we go, there are meetings.  A blessing beyond measure.  As are the young people in AA who we get to spend time with.

But this morning, as I wait for Carole to get back from fishing, the biggest blessing on my mind is the wonderful women who attend to the critters while we have fun!


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