July 9, 2011 (this day)

The dog and I went to Carole’s work to help her pack up her office before the moving people move her to her new office.  Carole works at the school where Erika went to college (or, Erika went to college at the school where Carole works) and some locations did bring back some memories for me.  Not all good memories, although the fact that Erika is alive and well today makes all those memories OK for what they were.  I did remember waiting outside under a tree when moving Erika in or out one year, waiting with my dog that was eventually attacked and killed while I walked her.  Our present dog is here because of that and I was trying to think about it —

What happened, happened to the little dog.  She was only two years old and way too young.  The dogs that attacked should not have been loose, so even if I can’t blame them for what they did, their owners were negligent.  Though they got out by accident.

Anyway that happened.  Now our present big dog is alive because we had that room in our home.  And I guess none of it really matters in the end.  All of us who live, die.

I worked on a blanket on the car ride.  Someone I work with, someone younger than me, has lung cancer, and it looks pretty bad.

But those of us who are living have today.  For the rest of today I’ll putz around and enjoy the new life of the kittens.  Tonight I’m chairing my meeting then going out for the meeting after the meeting.  Someone I introduced to the program is sharing her story and sometimes that is the ultimate awesomeness.  In a way, the crap I went through enabled me to help her way, way, way on the down the line.



3 thoughts on “July 9, 2011 (this day)

  1. I cried watching Bambi when his mother dies protecting him. This circle of life thing, it weighs heavy on my heart sometimes. I do love the Mary Oliver poem though. Is it from Thirst?

  2. It’s from Owls and Other Fantasies. When I was getting ready to make my epic flight to Hawaii, Mary, from Letting Go “gave” it to me, to help with my fear of flying. I highly recommend her blog!

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