More Triggers

At the meeting I went to last Sunday, they talked again about triggers.  It is the Big Book discussion I have written about before because I find it to be intelligent and interesting.

Listening to the discussion I thought it was important I record my thoughts about drinking triggers in early sobriety.

On the one hand, life itself was a trigger for me.  Truly.  We say in AA that I only drank on days ending with “y.”  I only drank when I was happy or sad.  I only drank when I was awake!

Every situation and emotion was a trigger for me.  In fact, as soon as I actually began drinking, I made a conscious decision to always be just a little bit drunk.  I knew at that time I could not face my school, my home, my friends, my family, my job, the weather, myself, without drinking.  Up until that time, I did things like self-harm.  After my alcoholic mind found the alcohol, I knew I had the key to the universe.

Thus, you find me here.

Now I had many fragile attempts at sobriety and I failed many times.  I do believe that it’s important for newly sober alcoholics to guard their sobriety.  In my day, for example, when I “had” to go to a family drinking occasion, I took phone number of AA members with me.  Here’s the oldtimer rant about how AA has gone down hill.  I actually dialed the numbers and spoke to the people.  Many people!  Not just my sponsor!!

Anyway, guarding early sobriety by staying out of bars and liquor stores, skipping occasions  if need be (when “I’m sick!” is no lie), not watching certain shows or being with certain people – any and all of that needs to be done, in my opinion.

If, after some time, these things are still needed, that might be an issue to be looked at.  However, with no sobriety there is no hope, so at first, whatever it takes to keep you sober.


3 thoughts on “More Triggers

  1. That would be very individual.

    At any stage, it’ my opinion that you need to do whatever you need to do to stay sober. If you’re an alcoholic like me, there is positively no hope of any improvement of anything if you’re not sober.

    But, the world is full of alcohol, and I think we need to learn how to be around it without danger.

    I’ve had a spiritual awakening, I’ve recovered. I now recognize alcohol as a poison, and as the thing most likely to ruin and end my life, if I drink it. I can promise any alcoholic who joins AA and works the program that they too will have this experience, if they work for it.

  2. (when “I’m sick!” is no lie), Love it! Funny to see someone of my generation talking about dialing and what comes to mind is the clicky sound of the rotating phone…black…plastic…clunky. Thanks I needed that!

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