July 1, 2011 (this day)

I finally have someone to make a baby blanket for, and this is my artsy attempt at photographing it before I send it off.  We hired the new mom as a sort of assistant to take some of the work load off of me and my work partner.  We hired her about a month ago.  Yesterday, she didn’t make it to work due to pains and three centimeters of dilation.  If nothing happens, she’s scheduled to to to the hospital to be induced July 11.  She says that’s the way they do it nowadays.  So, not much help for my work partner and I, at least not a first.  My mother pointed out, at least my agency does not discriminate against pregnant women.  Also, my crocheting skills now into my second year are really not improving much.  Pesky job limits the time I can give it.  But, the fact that she’s working with us and fact of her new baby really are things to be very happy about.

I’ve had an uneventful week.  I went to a meeting last Sunday where they talked about “triggers,” the very thing I’ve been writing about.  I will need to write a little bit more about that.  It’s a long weekend with the Fourth of July holiday Monday, and the weather has been really wonderful until now, with just one hot week so far.  It’s supposed to get hotter again now, and Carole and I still are making it through with no air conditioning.

The kittens grow and thrive.  Nicholas just send us a text asking if he can bring some friends over in a little while to see the kittens.  He did this a few weeks ago also.  At least he has some use for us?  I guess?  Last Tuesday we went to see his new office and it was very nice.  He’s been a very good boy this spring, staying with my mother while we went on vacation.  Next week, he and his sister are planning to travel about 400 miles to see their elderly grandparents (96 and 98 years old), all on their own for the first time.

For today, those are some nice kids I’ve got there.


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