Though the Earning Power of Most (Step Twleve continued)

Though the earning power of most A.A.’s is relatively high, we have some members who never seem to get on their feet moneywise, and still others who encounter heavy financial reverses.  Ordinarily we see these situations met with fortitude and faith.

I guess I would have to say that’s mostly true in my experience.  Fortitude and faith, I think, are basic ingredients of AA, so the members I see go through financial difficulty, if they’re in meetings, and thus I’m seeing them, have a steady supply of fortitude and faith.  And the people around them help them with more.

This made me think of something else.  My experience is in suburban and small city urban AA.  People who get financially devastated are not going to have sustained contact with me.  It’s entirely possible that people I’ve known briefly in meetings have suffered financial ruin, but they didn’t do it while I was watching.  In my circle, people (grown and even aging adults) will move in with parents or children and go on that way, if I am to keep seeing them.  The support systems in my little world are generally strong.

I’ve also known people who are in some kind of support housing situation due to mental health issues.  I’ve known quite a few of those.  But again, they are folks who are able, however they do it, to continue with the meetings I go to.  They may be financially impoverished, but these are the people who can and do use government supports to have some kind of mainstream life.  People who are so ill that they aren’t able to do even that much – I’m not likely to come into contact with them, except briefly, and I don’t know what becomes of them.


2 thoughts on “Though the Earning Power of Most (Step Twleve continued)

  1. I am not poor as you would say, but I sure don’t have a backup! My basic needs are met. I work full time and am trying to put my devastation and disastrous lifestyle behind me. I am almost 2yrs sober and an a faithful follower of Jesus now. What I would have given 30 years ago…but that’s a whole other story. I have several medical issues and my employer doesn’t provide health insurance. Heel spurs, both feet need surgery, carpel tunnel in both wrists, both need surgery, some minor teeth problems that will only get worse. I for one can’t afford any of it. Mostly my fault for my reckless younger behavior. I recently inquired about Medicaid. Basically, because I’m a single male, working and have no kids to support, I wouldn’t qualify. I inquired more! If I quit my job, maybe I’d qualify then. Sounds kinda bass akwards to me. I too know some people who use the system to maintain support and I know that they are perfectly capable of self support. Some more than others. And with that, I’ll agree with you. To another meeting I go, I guess do a 4th step! Sorry for my little rant!

  2. A rant is justified with our current health care system. I hope that we, as a country, get it together soon. And I do believe that fortitude and faith will help you through! Thanks for you comment.

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