June 21, 2011 (this day)

Photographing black cats is so difficult, I’m afraid my little Olive will get most of the face time in pictures.  Thatcher, the black one, is reclined in my arms as I write, but pictures of him look mostly like black blobs.

I’m working at home today, and going for a mammogram later.  My first task is write a plan for a young lady who is one day younger than my daughter.  We had the young lady’s meeting yesterday, and it struck me hard how her mother and I have so much in common, and are so different.  However everything else in our lives went, we were pregnant at the same time and had daughters at the same time with very different results, all by (I believe) chance.

It’s instructive for me, because as we were talking about family, this mother told us that she’s one of six siblings, with everyone, including her mother, and excluding just one sister, nearby.  I can easily be jealous of a situation like that.  I am jealous.  But of course for today, the situation her daughter is in is drastically different from the situation mine is in.  There isn’t anyone here having a perfect, easy time of it.  It helps me remember to try to be humble, to consider that I will influence the day-to-day world of this woman’s precious daughter.


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