June 9, 2011 (this day)

I’m home in between work and the dentist.  I have lousy gums and I’ve been going every three months in an effort to not lose any more teeth.  In addition to that, I seriously think that menopause is making me nauseous.  I was nauseous for a solid week, and Googled it, and of course that is a symptom.  Of course it is.

My workplace has state licensing next week, and that’s always anxiety-provoking, and it means I feel like I should be working every spare second, because there’s always something else that can be checked or checked again.

Carole and I are back from vacation, highlights of which included being about ten feet from a bear.  Viscerally frightened.  Eternally grateful.

The kittens continue to assert their new life and it is a tiring joy to care for them.  They know nothing of those that went before them, those that made room, except maybe a lingering smell they can’t attach to any of the beings they know.  Many of their toys have been used before, though by no one now present.  Phyllis’ car is not in front of my house today.  I passed it at a local service station on my way to work this morning.  Over the past few days a thick dust of pollen had settled on it.  Phyllis doesn’t need it anymore but there are folks that need Phyllis still, but have to do without.

I know I’m weepy because of the dentist, and the licensing, and the HEAT.  Ug.  Before I set out for the dentist, I’m going to turn my attention to another alcoholic, because I’m blessed to have one in my life who’d like my assistance with living this life that is mostly happy, joyous and free.


3 thoughts on “June 9, 2011 (this day)

    • I had to look up “quails” just to be sure, and the dictionary says something like “shrinks in fear.” Good luck to you with this! Make sure the puppy knows who’s boss before he/she outweighs you.

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