Taking God out of AA

This article is about two groups in Toronto that took God out and edited the steps.  My personal opinion is that they should not call themselves Alcoholics Anonymous groups, and the region is right to delist them.


2 thoughts on “Taking God out of AA

  1. Obviously these ppl forgot the phrase, “take what you need and leave the rest.”
    I’m not sure how they can still be considered an AA group if they officially change the steps.
    I also need to note here that I do not pray to a god however I also do not condone changing The 12 Steps Alcoholics Anonymous.

  2. Today the 12-Steps are the organizing principles for groups that address substance abuse co-dependence gambling and other habitual destructive behaviors.Its important to note that these groups can all trace their lineage back to that conversation…..that took place decades ago between two men who were suffering from the same disease.

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