May 10, 2011 (this day)

I’ve had this hermit crab for something like ten years.  It gets bigger, but not much.  I can’t imagine how big the baseball and grapefruit sized ones are.  I know it lives so long because it’s alone.  As much as they say hermit crabs aren’t violent, they are.

I started keeping crabs about ten years ago, when my daughter Erika was going through the worst of her teenage behavior.  At first I did all that should be done for crabs and really fussed with them.  As they died off I didn’t replace them.  I was down to about three when we moved into our new house and the crabs got neglected, so I took them to work.  This sole survivor lives there now.  The funniest thing about this crab is that it (he?  she?) fights to hard against change.  It grows and it needs to change its shell (and it has all these plus many more to choose from, not like I imagine crabs in the wild) and it tries shells on for months.  It practically has to burst from the shell it’s wearing to actually change.  At times I fear it will die rather than change yes, a lot like me.

Carole and I are getting used to our quieter house.  Feeding the critters is much much easier.  Coming home is easier and going out is easier with our reduced menagerie – now just one dog and one cat.

I’m very busy at work.  We’ve acquired many more clients all of a sudden, which is a blessing, but it strains everything at the same time, taking so many at once.  I continue to enjoy the presidency of Barack Obama.  The recession or depression or down turn or whatever it is, however, has meant that many people with severe and multiple disabilities (the people I work with) are not getting the services they need.  At times it can break my heart.  I don’t know how some people go on, struggling to care for their children and siblings.  I hope that all gets better soon.

This afternoon I watched Phyllis’ twin grandchildren toddle around their front yard.  They are just over a year old and adorable.  Carole went to say hello and Phyllis’ daughter said it is probably a matter of days for Phyllis at this time.

There was one other thing I meant to write about, with Mother’s Day just passed.  I know three women in the program fairly well.  They each have children in their teens or twenties.  Each of these three women struggle to stay sober and none have succeeded for any amount of time – yet.  I say yet with all sincerity because I drank in AA for six years myself before achieving a lasting sobriety.  But all three indulge their children and give them way too much.  They demand nothing and let the children engage in some terrible, frightening, even illegal behavior to “make up” for the years these kids had drunken mothers.  From where I sit, it is so obviously the wrong thing.  I hope all the children involved turn out OK.


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