April 4, 2011 (this day)

I’m sitting on my back porch, listening to giant raindrops hit the awning and worry the dog.  Xandra shows every sign of developing a thunder fear.  Carole and I know how that goes.  Our older dog had a terrible time of it, starting when he was about seven and lasting until his mind started leaving him.  Not fun.  I really hope Xandra doesn’t get any more afraid.  One thing that makes it harder with her than it was with him is that she looks to us for comfort, and, informed dog mothers that we are, we know that to offer her comfort will only confirm to her that something is wrong.  Which it isn’t.

Spring is teasing us a tiny little bit.  It’s in the low 60s right now, and warm enough to be outside.  But the temperature is going to plummet again and it really hasn’t been warm at all for more than a day.  Temps are well below normal and people in my corner of the world are sick of it.

I had a nice, full weekend, with two AA meetings and the week ahead looks fine.  Carole and I will both be home late tomorrow, but the dog sitter will come twice.  I’ve taken Friday off from work because Friday night we’re attending the graduation of a friend in the program.  At our meeting Saturday night, Carole made the announcement that this friend had just celebrated a birthday, and would be graduating in less than a week.  The friend protested the attention, and Carole pointed out that she’s sober and graduating, rather than dead and uneducated.  Or something like that.

The old dog, the old cat, and the neighbor Phyllis continue their declines.  It remains difficult to watch.  We remain watching.


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