If He’s a ‘Winner,’ I’ll Happily Stay a ‘Loser’

I just can’t fathom the disaster that is Charlie Sheen, saying he’s better off than the sober folks of AA.  He’s lost his job (which he had due to his father’s fame), lost his kids, wrecked the job for many others, wrecked the family, but we are ridiculous?

2 thoughts on “If He’s a ‘Winner,’ I’ll Happily Stay a ‘Loser’

  1. I agree Lydia! Can you say denial? It is an unfortunate situation that addicts have to go the trauma that we bring on ourselves. As a fellow AA, I can now see what a horrid life that I made for myself and most assuredly my family and friends. What only can be done is to pray to God to help heal him, by shedding light on him that he may see the tragedy of what this disease has made of him and so many others. For he is a sick man! (Ref. BB) With a short 18 months sobriety, I am still taken aback by what this sober lifestyle and God, reveals for me. Hopefully he will get through this and emerge as a new being. With his realization and the help of another addict, he just might recover, if he doesn’t end up dead like so many other addicts.

    Keep the inspiration coming for you do set my thoughts into motion!

    Phillip C.

    • The plotline to write Charlie Sheen off of Two and a Half Men should be that he was killed by a drunk driver. ooooooohhhhhhh!

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