Can We Fine a New Joy (Step Twelve continued)

Can we find a new joy of living in trying to do something about all these things?

These things are revealed in the previous questions.  These things are my job, my family, my religion, my life.

A “new” joy, yes.  I was anything but joyful when I was drinking.  And I did have some of the joy that escaping disaster brings when I stopped drinking.  But that was a long time ago.

Actual joy, now, isn’t all that common for me.  I absolutely do give thought to making my family, my job, my religion, my world, all better because I am a part of them.  I often do try to do something about a situation that needs help.

There are always a few “buts.”  The work is good, but there’s only so much one person can do about any given thing.  My family is good but the kids are always one disaster away from devastating me, but my mother is showing signs of age, but my relationship is in the second decade, but I might not live to see my relationship legally sanctioned by my government.  My pets are good but two are ancient, and sometimes I almost hurts to look at them being so old.

My life is good, my mood is generally good, but joy of living is something that today I have to say I find to be rare and fleeting.

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