Blogs I read

In a further attempt to avoid writing about Tradition Four, I offer instead a short explanation of what appears in my blog roll.

Actually, I’ve wanted to do this for some.  But recently, when I’ve tried to comment on two different Blogger blogs, I got some kind of error, and couldn’t post.  I wish I had more time to read blogs and comment.  I subscribe to the ones I read in the Google Reader, and sometimes when I open it up I have more than 40 things to read.  They’re not all from these blogs, since I also read some others that are really off topic or that are written by personal friends and have nothing to do with AA.  But when I see more than 40 to read, I tend to just plow through a bit.  The two Bloggers blog in particular that I tried to comment on and couldn’t, I just couldn’t stop and fiddle with it and I didn’t want to make a new profile, I wanted to post as “me.”  I’ll try again in the near future.  It’s 2011, right?  Shouldn’t be this hard.

First, ALL WHO WANDER ARE NOT LOST.  Gabriella Moonlight just celebrated five years sober.  I don’t remember when I started reading her, but over the past two years (give or take) I’ve been inspired and uplifted by what she’s gone through and how she copes.  And grows.  Gabriella, if you read this, know that yours in one of the Blogger blogs I haven’t been able to comment on lately (though I could in the past – why?).  I will try again soon.  Honestly, in real life, I do not go in for most of the mystical, spiritual things that she does, but this is truly one of the most profound gifts of the program in my life, that I can so easily learn from those who are so different from me.

The Three Legged Stool is another Blogger blog I’ve been unable to comment on.  I really appreciate their effort to, as they say, “go deeper.”  As an oldtimer, I do get so tired of hearing about “when I first stopped drinking.”  I recently tried to say something about their post on “anonymity and shame,” and I wasn’t able to.  I’ll try again soon.

I still really enjoy writing this blog (except when I try to write about Tradition Four), and reading sobriety blogs is something I do to maintain my sobriety.  AND it just may be that it IS in place of a meeting.  I go to at least one, usually two, sometimes three meetings a week.  I will never stop going to meetings voluntarily.  I’m glad that after a few decades of sobriety, I found something enjoyable to add to what I do to stay sober.  And I hear all the oldtimers who were old when I started (hence, they are surely dead) saying, “We are not here to entertain you . . . .”

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