January 18, 2011 (this day)

Back to work again today after an extended period off.  Carole had her surgery last Thursday and it went well.  I took Thursday and Friday off to be with her, and Monday was Martin Luther King Day.  Today I woke up to a fresh coating of ice and another battle just to get to work in one piece.  I wonder if the stress chemicals we have to endure because of the treacherous weather have any long-term bad effects.  I love the four seasons, and I missed them when I lived without them, but around now I start to think about retiring down south.  Just to get Carole to the hospital on time on Thursday was a battle with the snow.  Even though I always arrive alive, the news is full of those who don’t.  I’d hate to get really hurt or worse because I was trying to get somewhere in the snow and ice.

But anyway.  I wasn’t as good-humored today as I would have liked to be.  I will try harder tonight, and of course tomorrow.  Today’s Daily Word said:

Worry may be a sign that I’m trying to manage what isn’t mine.

I love that!  It’s also a sure sign of a failure of acceptance.  Love that passive voice.  When I worry, I know that I have failed to accept.  The weather is an excellent example.


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