Can We Actually Carry the AA Spirit? (Step Twelve continued)

Can we actually carry the A.A. spirit into our daily work?

Yes, a lot.  No, not enough.

I have been practicing these principles for more than 26 years now, and they are bound to influence and affect me in every single way.  It’s been more than half my life, and I’ve done it successfully at least in that I’ve been able to stay sober, and I hope much more than that.

I often try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  I often try not to engage in gossip, and to quash it when I hear it.  I search for the good in people.  I often try to accept the things I can’t change.  I often pray quickly in times of distress or confusion.  I often look for my part in any difficulty.  I often try to let go and let God.

I have a tool box full of tools.  As any problem presents itself, I often pick up and tool and work away at it.  I post a meditation for the week on my bulletin board and try to read it daily.  The Daily Word is on my desktop and I try to read it every morning before I open my email.  This week the acceptance quote was up there.  I get upset, I have a problem, I pick up the tool, I try to accept it.

I try to remember that my good or bad attitude will affect the people around me, and so I try to improve my attitude.  I try to do what’s suggested and what’s asked of me, no knowing where it will lead.  I try to lead by example and use my experience, strength and hope to improve my work situation.  I try to turn my difficulties into assets.

I’m less successful in my other daily work, the daily work of the rest of my life, taking care of the house and the animals and the relationships.  But it’s mostly the same principles, it is shot through me and I hope to increase the AA spirit within me, and to bring it more to all of my work, until all of my work is done.


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