January 3, 2011 (this day)

NOW I can say all is calm.

This is one of my cats.  She doesn’t know it, but she was watching my daughter pack up her two cats to take them far away.  This cat of mine is very happy about that.  She did not have a nice visit with the others.  She barely tolerates us.  Visitors, she just pretty much hates.

I was back to work today, and all of our visitors are gone.  We had a busy two weeks.  Erika was here with the cats.  We had a candle light meeting Christmas Eve, and Christmas of course was filled with too many presents.  I got snow tires for Erika’s car, I worked three days between Christmas a New Year’s, and we had our dining room floor refinished.  We always have people from our meeting over to our house on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s, so this year we had them over on New Year’s Night.  The night before we spent with program friends ringing in the New Year, then we went home and went to bed.  Having the crowd over the next night meant days of cleaning and arranging.  After I had washed the kitchen floor (a fairly fruitless endeavor in this house in the best of times), our weather suddenly warmed and the dogs quickly soaked up tons of mud.

It was wonderful to have all the program people in our house, and Erika even tolerated them for a while.  With our two dogs and two cats, and her two cats, the over-riding impression we left is, I’m afraid, that of a zoo.  Four cats are too many, but I miss their young, healthy shenanigans.  I did convert one young lady to using healthy pet food, though, so impressed was she with our shady rest home for aged pets.  I yearn for a kitten, truly I do, but it wouldn’t be fair to do to the oldtimers here, so I wait and enjoy the grandkitties.

The year has started for me with an unwelcome reminder that I’m still alive and a somewhat physically functioning woman.  I had to copy a 2011 calendar to keep track of my wonky cycle that just won’t end.  My “baby” will be 23 years old next month, and I’m ready to be done.  I did want children more than anything, though, and I’m grateful that the plumbing worked when I needed it to.  I’m still hanging on trying to get through without drugs or surgery but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to enjoy it.

During 2010 I:

  • stayed sober
  • wrote a “book”
  • lost five pounds
  • kept a job
  • moved a daughter
  • crocheted around 30 presents
  • read 35 books
  • continued to walk the dog and lengthened it a bit
  • stayed married
  • saw a son graduate and become gainfully employed
  • hung on through another year of natural menopause
  • flew to Hawaii without drugs and without alerting the authorities

With years like this, I truly do expect a Happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “January 3, 2011 (this day)

  1. You continue to inspire me! I hadn’t really thought of any accomplishments for 2010 until reading this. Upon reflection, I too have a few that I am proud of. First, staying sober as next month I’ll have 18 of ’em. And secondly, becoming closer to God! Let us all continue on our paths of recovery!

    Happy 2011!

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