December 29, 2010 (this day)

I do NOT take criticism well.  Especially, I think, though I’m sure people who know me might see it differently, unjust criticism.  Wow it set my heart to pumping this morning, and since it was unjust (according to me), I fell back on, “What would YOU have done?”

“Well?  What WOULD you have done?”

It was my last day at work until Monday.  We have a party to go to New Year’s Eve – a program, sober party.  New Year’s Day we’re hoping our son will come over, then we have our meeting, then we’re having the party.

This afternoon at work, when we were talking about New Year’s plans, and I said about the party we’re having, someone commented, “Then do you make the people stay at your house?”

“Why would I do that?” I asked.

“Because,” the questioner answered, “At my house, if you have more than two beers, you’re not going anywhere.  I don’t let anyone leave.”

I explained that my party won’t involve alcohol, and everyone is not just permitted to leave, they are encouraged to do so.

And I’ll have a better time, and less regrets, and no overnight captives.

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