December 24, 2010 (this day)

I don’t feel like pulling out the step book and seeing what’s next that I need to think about regarding the 12th Step.  So I’m not going to!

I took this picture today at the dog park.  That’s Carole, carrying a bag of poop, and Xandra, being the little leader that she is.  We took her there, then to the pet food store, then to the supermarket to get a snack for the meeting we will lead tomorrow.  We’re going to do it by candle light, and that should be special.

I’m writing this now on the living room floor.  Erika is here, back from school with her two cats.  Nicholas is here, and he’s spending the night.  Carole asked him to so that she doesn’t have to wait to open presents tomorrow morning.  Carole and I are headed for church soon.  Sadly, the kids won’t go any longer.  Maybe one day they’ll come back.

Erika’s been trying to help me learn to make a ripple in crocheting.  She is learning how to quilt, and she’s sitting here doing it.  I got a wonderful box of presents from one of my “invisible” friends – aka internet friends.  We’ve had a little little little bit of snow, just enough to be oh so pretty and cause no problems.  After church, these three have said they would play one of their childhood games with me.  And we bought real Tin Roof Sundae ice cream – not the low cal stuff.

So this is where practicing these principles in many of my affairs for many many years has brought me.  My mother sent me the nativity set we had under our tree every year when I was a child.  Those memories are not all good.  Some are quite bad.  I still remember the Christmas Eve sermon, the last one I took my grandmother to, two weeks before she died, when I had six years sober.  The pastor asked about the legacy we’ll leave our kids, and I think he meant something different that what went through my mind.  But their story so far is one of a sober mother.

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