Now Comes the Biggest Question Yet (Step Twelve continued)

Now comes the biggest question yet.  What about the practice of these principles in all our affairs?


I DO love AA folks above all others, in a universal love kind of way.  I NEED these people in order to have anyone else in my life.  In order to have a life at all.  I have seen it work over time, how I can have nothing, yet everything, in common with people who seem so very different from me.  The rooms, especially if I travel just a bit out of my home town, are filled with people with whom I ordinarily would not mix.  I have had an awesome education in this by growing up and spending my entire adult life as an active member of AA.

And yet.  I’m having a “debate” of sorts with a “friend” of Carole’s on Facebook.  Someone I “know” from the rooms of AA.  Someone who, at this moment, I would like to hurt.

OK then.  I will now be mindfully looking for opportunities to practice these principles in all my affairs.  I’m sure I do it, maybe a lot.  Maybe not.  Let’s see.

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