December 8, 2010 (this day)

Hectic, busy, hectic, busy!

  • Worrying about my daughter, far away, not calling much, and maybe buried in snow.
  • Worrying about not walking the dog enough, as we don’t have much snow, but we do have much cold.  And I’m afraid of slipping and falling if I walk the beast.
  • Unhappy about a big bad bruise on my cheek, which somehow happened during my teeth cleaning last Thursday and makes people gasp and stare and ask questions.
  • Wanting to give the program to someone who isn’t an alcoholic, so that she can have the same ideal of serenity that I have.
  • Wondering how I’ll get through the work parties, and other parties coming up.
  • Wondering about a work drinking occasion I’ve been invited to and told, for the first time ever, that I am “expected” to attend.

But if I could remedy just one of these situations, I would know how my daughter is doing in the snow  and it would be because she called me, not because I called her.


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