November 21, 2010 (this day)

I’m waiting to go out to dinner with my mother and Carole.  My mother is visiting for Thanksgiving, and she got here yesterday.  My son, recent owner of a car, picked her up at the airport while we were at our home group meeting.  What a good boy!

Our meeting has only a few “home group” members but good attendance.  We invite (beg for) “guest” chairs who get a speaker and run the meeting.  We had a guest chair last night, and instead of a speaker, he chose to use a topic bag.  Some people are calling this an “ask it basket” but I don’t know why and I don’t want to perpetuate the phrase by calling it that.  Anyway in the bag are topics.  Each person picks one out at her turn and speaks on it.  The idea is that you can’t plan what you’re going to say, since you don’t know what your topic will be, and so you listen differently, maybe better, to what’s being said, since you aren’t planning what to say.  It makes me nervous, being on the spot, but we also say of course no one has to speak on the topic they pull or speak at all.  Two people who haven’t been at the meeting before when we’ve done this complained.  And I don’t think they should have.  Lord knows they are free to chair.  Just wanted to get that off my chest.

So my mother is here.  We took Xandra to the dog park this morning, I Nanoed while Carole watched millionaires bash each other in the head (aka football), and now we’ll go to dinner.  My mother and I will take my son to lunch tomorrow.  My daughter is driving home Tuesday night (beginning at six, but I won’t think of that) bringing two cats (but I won’t think of that).  I’m working Tuesday, when we have our whole program eat lunch in one room (close to 100 people, not a big room) and Wednesday so that my work partner can have the day off to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Friday, my program at work had our annual Open House, when we sell crafts the clients have made.  We heard toward the end of the day that someone who used to attend the program up until a few weeks ago had died unexpectedly that very day, at another program, right after lunch.  That night, I saw on my cousin’s Facebook page that earlier this month, the first of my first cousins to die had died, unexpectedly, at 46.

Serious stuff, and serious blessings.

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