November 1, 2010 (this day)

At the beginning of last year I set a few goals for myself for the year.  I set out to read 25 books and so far I’ve read 29.  I set out to crochet 21 scarves, and I have a few yet to do, and a few turned into blankets, which are bigger than scarves.  So I’m doing pretty well with that.  Now I’ve signed on to write a novel in November, and for today I did 1803 words, so a bit ahead of the game.  If only the scarves and words were good, I’d be in great shape.

I tried, but not too hard, to stay up until midnight last night and get a jump.  I made it to 11:30 and went to bed.  I’ve always been a terrible sleeper, and staying up past midnight would be nothing new.  My alarm goes off in the morning at 5:15 and I get up around 5:30.  But I saw a chance to fall asleep last night, and I took it.  It’s now after 8 at night and I can work ahead a bit in the novel.  I need to, it’s too nerve-wracking otherwise.

But I do have the pesky job and November will be an intense month there.  Of course.  Ah well there’s probably never a good time to write a novel, so here I go.

Doctor’s appointment for Carole tomorrow and maybe a little more information, maybe not.  At least I don’t need to be online to write my book, and my computer has a decent battery, and I can write and crochet while I sit in waiting rooms waiting.

The picture is from a score I made at an estate sale.  One day someone was using all this to knit, or to worry about not knitting enough, or not knitting well enough, and the next day it was meaningless in the life of that person.  Just some things left behind.  I hope to put it to good use.

Can you find the hidden bone?


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