Search Terms that Brought You Here

I think it’s fun once in a while to see how people end up here.

  1. The number one way people get here via search engine is by looking for meeting topics.  I hope my list is helpful, and I’d love to add more, so let me know if I’ve missed any.
  2. Examples of character defects.  Again, I truly hope my list is helpful, and I’d also love to add to it.  I’ve found the examples I’ve included to be most helpful for me.
  3. What is a typical topic at an AA meeting?  I’d have to say, without any research and only the meetings I attend to inform me, that the most common topics are gratitude, Steps 1, 2 and 3, change, relapse, and serenity.
  4. Why people in AA are so self-righteous.  I’d say that’s because they are still working on their humility.
  5. Couples in AA.  My wife and I are a couple in AA, and I was married once before to someone in AA.  My blog is full of our story.  I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t in AA.
  6. Terrence, This is Stupid Stuff!  I feel I should apologize to all the innocent students who are looking for good info and instead find my drunken interpretation.  I think about taking it down from time to time, but the poem does mean a lot to me.
  7. Funny topics for AA meetings.  I can’t help there, but most meetings do contain lots of laughter.  We are not a glum lot!
  8. Old school AA meeting format.  I don’t know!  I’d be very interested to find out though.
  9. Don’t hide your secrets from your wife.  No, don’t.  Please see “You’re only as sick as your secrets.”

One thought on “Search Terms that Brought You Here

  1. Hi: Enjoy your blog. re #5: I always was glad I wasn’t married to an AAer. I had been wed 15 years when I surrendered and was still married 27 years later when my husband died early this year. I didn’t think I would want to mix my marriage and my recovery.

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