Coping with Stress

Gratitude is my number one strategy.  After years of practice, my mind automatically goes there.  I can remember some extremely hairy moments, where the condition of a loved-one was in question, or when I had received some really bad news, and my mind does, after a second, begin to list all the things that are OK.  It may only stay there for a second, but it will come back.


“Wait to Worry” is one I’d like to be better at.  I figure that there will be times I receive bad news until I die, and I don’t need to react to things that haven’t happened yet and may never happen.


For the more ongoing, recurrent stress, I have several tools.  Gratitude is still number one.  Usually the things I’m stressed about are “luxury problems” – too much of a good thing, like my job, or stressful decisions I need to make between several good options.


I’ve been continuing to try to use prayer and meditation in a somewhat scheduled and formal manner.  At work, each Monday, I take out a quote or prayer or something from the Daily Word that I’ve kept because I’ve found it helpful.  I tack it up on my bulletin board and try to read it each morning and in other times of stress.


I try to maintain balance as much as I can by not doing too much.  Tonight, I plan to go to a meeting, and so I’ve arranged to leave work a little earlier than usual, mostly to entertain (I should say exercise, but that might not happen) the dog.  I try to balance work work, housework, meetings, readings, crocheting, the dog.


For stress I can’t manage, I can talk to people.  What a bounty of people I have available to me.


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