October 5, 2010 (this day)

Hectic and unsettled.  This week I get to work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday I take Carole for a medical test, and Friday she and I head out to visit Erika for the first time since we moved her in.  We’ll stay there Saturday and Sunday and drive back Monday.  Tuesday I get to go to work again, though I have to take CPR training for half the day then.

I find it difficult to be serene in all this.  The plan to visit Erika was unsettling enough, but adding to it the day for medical testing and it’s really difficult for me to deal with.  I truly do better when I can space this stuff out.

Since we’ve left Erika, though, she’s started school and her job.  She’s had her first car accident, she’s changed her driver’s license, insurance, voter registration, social security address.  She’s gotten her own, new, medical insurance (though she hasn’t yet gone to the doctor-and she’s getting sick, which is another of my nightmare scenarios).  She has a big test she has to work on this weekend, and I hope Carole and I can find a meeting in her city this time.

And the awful heat seems to be truly gone for the year.  We’ve turned on the furnace, and it won’t hurt to go outside until the bitter cold returns.

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