In Step Eight (Step Twelve continued)

In Step Eight, we continued our housecleaning, for we saw that we were not only in conflict with ourselves, but also with  people and situations in the world in which we lived.  We began to make our peace, and so we listed the people we had harmed and became willing to set things right.

And just that quickly, just like that, it turns.  My serenity of a few days ago is gone, and mostly because of a conflict I’m in with people and situations in the world.

What were my conflicts back then, when I was drinking.  Well I conflicted pretty well with the married man I was sleeping with, and I guess I’ve had enough AA to see that I was not accepting reality there.  My mother was difficult to live with.  Whose mother is not?  Again, acceptance.  Of course I had a world of trouble functioning when I was blind drunk, but I didn’t blame the world for that one.

And now?  Yes, still, more.  Reading this part of the 12 and 12, I had one of those stellar moments when I was very sure I am not living up to my sobriety, and I should never again let anyone know how much time I have.


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