Staying in the Now

I tried a small experiment.  After I looked to see what I wanted to write about, and finding it to be “staying in the now,” I tried to stay in the now, to write about it.  But the writing was in the future, and now the thinking about it was in the past.

For a few moments, I could just think about “now.”  It’s Sunday morning, and most of what I know about, is well.  I live near some churches and I heard their Sunday morning sounds.  The sounds of my little town where coming through the windows.  The weather was cool, my bed was warm.  I did enjoy the “now,” the feeling was just so fleeting before my mind jumped back to the past or ahead to the future.

I’ve mostly learned to greet every worry I have with the knowledge that whatever it is I envision may not come to be, may not be as bad or as good as I think it will be, and I may also forget the excitement of looking forward to something or looking forward with dread.

So I don’t spend huge amounts of time going over something past or thinking about something in the future.  Often thoughts of the past or future were so distressing to me that I drank to tolerate them or even, sadly, to render myself unable to think.  Aside from a few very harsh moments in my life time, my “now” has always been pretty good.

So, now I’m older and more practiced at living in the now.  Now I think, at times, about taking another step forward in my thinking and in my being.  Now, at times, I think about the extra step I can take now, to help someone or build a relationship or ease someone’s way.

For me, this is an evolved thought, how to live better in the now.  I can pause at times and decide to do more, now.  Admittedly, it’s often because I want to avoid some pain I’ve experienced in the past.

A saying that at times I hang in my office to remind me:

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.  ~ Theodore Roosevelt


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