September 24, 2010 (this day)

It’s still very hot, but apparently a cold front is on the way.  This summer has been very hard on my weather sense.  I truly hope the fall is better.  I don’t usually get so unhappy with the weather.  In fact, I usually like it.  I’m hoping to like it again in a few hours.

Erika is working her way through her car catastrophe on her own, and she’s doing it well.  I’m calmer, and I’ll be really glad to hear she has the darn car back and all is well.  Carole and I are going to go see her in few weeks.  I think all this anxiety around her car in the very beginning will help me appreciate the quiet later.  I hope it will.

Just thinking about it, everything at this moment is pretty calm.  I know it won’t last, but my family is good, my job is good, my body is as good as it gets.  And the weather is turning.  Autumn is nigh.


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