Then, In Step Seven (Step Twelve continued)

Then, in Step Seven, we humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings such as He could or would under the conditions of the day we asked.

I don’t think I remember ever thinking about the conditions of the day we asked.

I’m slightly baffled.  I was listening to the Big Book and something in “To the Wives” made me think about some people we know who are struggling with chronic relapse over the course of many years.  Something in there said something like, “Either God has removed [your husband’s] obsession to drink, or God has not.”

With the obsession to drink, the only sense I can make of why some people have the desire removed and some don’t is that some are open to having it removed, as evidenced by, among other things, lengths they will go to in working the program, and some aren’t open to, and can’t achieve it.

For the other myriad character defects, I do wonder why we have to struggle, knowing we’ll never reach the place where we will have them completely removed.  That probably seems a bit like asking why are humans human?

I have no idea what the conditions of the day refers to.  Maybe because I never thought about it before.

More is constantly being revealed.


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