Staying Away from the First Drink

Because it is the first drink that gets you drunk!

In painfully typical alcoholic fashion, I tried to regulate my drinking.  One popular method is to count drinks and stop at some certain point.  This seldom worked for me, and it was truly no kind of solution.  The first drink clouded my mind and usually after starting to drink, I lost my judgment.  One more, a little bit more, just a little something else and I gone.  Without the first drink I can never get drunk.

It’s pretty obvious to me now that alcohol is poison, and I’m not going to win when I try to figure out how much I can have without crossing some line.  I won’t try just a little poison to see if that’s too much.  It is too much, and if I don’t go off the deep end each and every time, I will go sooner or later.

When I tried to regulate my drinking by drinking things that had low alcohol content, within a short time I was drinking the hardest stuff I could find.  I never liked the taste of alcohol, and my pitiful intention to not get so far gone by drinking milder stuff went right out the window when the alcohol hit my brain.  That first drink, no matter how weak, got me drunk.  I don’t have the first one, and I don’t get drunk.


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