Sponsorship (my history and a brief number three)

While Elli and Florence were my sponsors, I achieved around 18 months sober.  I’ve written about it elsewhere.  I drank, and continued drinking in and out of AA for another five years.  During that time I had one of my more harrowing incidents.  I called an AA friend, then passed out in a snow storm.  When the good people of AA rescued me, I spent the night trying to drown myself in a small pond.  In the morning I went to the hospital.

I asked a woman, Marva, the one who I called when I was driving through the storm, to be my sponsor.  It was ill-advised for me to ask her and ill-advised for her to accept.  She was a character.  She had about five months sober at that time.  I was too hard a case for either of us.  I didn’t get any sober time that time.  I also can’t recall even one sponsorly thing that she did.  But to be fair, I can’t remember much of anything from then.

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